W/E 3rd May 2015

Yamaha FZR 750 disc

Yamaha FZR 750 disc

Start this week off with a picture of the Yamaha FZR 750 disc in the Atlas wheel. Decided to post this because it’s the only positive thing I can think of. Disc has gone onto the wheel just fine, with a set of new stainless bolts to add to the impression. I’ve delayed trying to fit these in case the front calipher wasn’t working correctly but it seems the pistons on either side are moving. Unfortunately the bolts I had with the spacer bracket are too long and I just can’t be arsed to cut ’em down to size. It can wait – the wheel bearing seems a bit worn in any case…

Guzzi V11 at the top

Guzzi V11 at the top

I got Mrs A down to the shed and we tried bleeding the back brake through again. I’d fitted a unit off the RGA but the seal on the top had been leaking (hope it doesn’t lift too much of the frame paint) It gripped but no convincingly. I fitted a new master cylinder. The originals are no longer available so had to go for a smaller unit normally fitted to a Guzzi V11. The different length means you can only use the front securing bolt – no big deal.

Switch with broken wires

Switch with broken wires

Anyhow the new ‘Guzzi’ unit hasn’t done the trick and revealed the wires for the brake light got broken when it was fitted. So the back brake light now doesn’t work…

The bike has been running poorly throughout the week – or rather it has been a poor starter mainly and then run on one cylinder until off idle. I could live with it but then took Mrs A for a day out on Saturday and we limped round the 50 mile tour.

Got the bike on the ramp Sunday and removed the plugs. The left hand plug looked like it had again picked up debris – not as bad as before but something seems to be going on in that cylinder. I did suspect the valve clearances but these checked out – only thing I ‘fixed’ was a baggy connection to an ignition coil.

I also went through the carb and found nothing particular wrong – bit of dirt here and there but nothing to get worried about. In getting a fresh carb setting on the pilot screws I found that the bike won’t start just on the left cylinder (it does on the right) so without the benefit of a compression tester I’m guessing the compression is down…Oil consumption is heavy at maybe a litre every 500 miles!

Spots at 50%

Spots at 50%

Moved onto the lights – the left hand LED spot worked intermittently. I had power and it should’ve worked but wouldn’t – I was getting tired. So I’ve wired it into the right hand spot so now they both come on a 50% and rise to 100% on hi beam (previously the right hand only came on hi beam at 100%). In a way it’s an improvement but I liked the neat original arrangement. Took the opportunity to just check the front brake light and guess what…it doesn’t work. I didn’t have any energy to try and resuscitate the LED speedo and dash…

So time is running out with the Welsh National Rally next weekend. The paperwork has gone off for Atlas #2 but it would be remarkable if that was sorted in time. So I have to just hope Atlas #1 has another 1500 miles in it before going ‘bang’.

Nick 🙂

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