W/E 25th May 2015

Triple delights

Triple delights

Mrs A picked up a couple of cylinder blocks and the cylinder head for the RGS. I now have all the parts for both the RGA and RGS. I’m hesitating as I think I ought to get the engine nuts refinished before assembly – hmmm am I just procrastinating? It does feel a bit like the Atlas engine build when I had all the bits but found things to delay the rebuild. I am confident that the triple engines will be straightforward but I do need to spend time especially making sure the top end is 100%.

Atlas #2 has been testing the new metal inlets all week. They have completed 300+ miles without problems. I had wondered if the bike might be prone to overheating the carb in heavy traffic but the insulating plates between the manifold and carb’ are doing their job. There is also no discernible impact of the small step between the manifold and inlet track. The only change that I have noticed is that it takes longer to warm up.

The immediate focus is to now prepare Atlas #2 for the LCF rally in two weeks. I’ve got a fresh tyre and rear sprocket to go in, need to fix the speedo, replace the headstock bearings and sort out an oil leak. My aim is to write a trip report where my bike runs faultlessly…

Nick 🙂

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