W/E 21st June 2015

A week of consolidation after the French Rally. The new front brake calipher has started to bind by the time I have battled my way through the London traffic. It’s fine in ‘normal’ use but the stop start nature of London just sees it sticking. I’d thought this was the case and checked and sure enough the replacement calipher was warm/hot. I think the solution may be to bleed the system but the screws on the master cylinder aren’t coming out easily so I have begun the process of freeing them up with WD40. Hope to get to this next weekend.

Heat is also having an effect on the new alloy inlet stubs. I’d noticed in France that the throttle wasn’t shutting off properly when on the road near Angers. It was really hot and my suspicion is that when things get really hot the heat transfers to the carb via the stubs despite the insulation gasket. I noticed, again in the London traffic, that the Atlas got ‘fluffy’ – like there is an air leak. Now I haven’t checked for an air leak but I don’t think I’m going to find one. So these alloy inlets are the way forward but don’t completely replicate the performance of the original rubber items (the bike takes longer to warm up too). Still the alternative is split rubber inlets when you least want it as I found a couple of years back in Scotland!

Other than that Atlas #2 is running well and it must be three weeks since I had the tank off.

Banbury Run

Banbury Run

Sunday saw a ride over to watch veteran and vintage bikes hurtling up Sun Rising Hill. Lay in the sun a couple of hours – the Norton’s were the class act although the Sunbeam’s were pretty solid. Some fine riding by a number of Scott runners who also provided the treat of a whiff of Castrol R – them were the days. It was a good ride out and an even better ride home across the Cotswolds – nice just to go for a ride with no deadline or real purpose.

Two arse's and a Volvo

Two arse’s and a Volvo

Sunday evening and it was time to drag Atlas #3 out of the Volvo. I’d had to wait for my daughter’s boyfriend to come round as the lump is just too heavy for Mrs A and me. We did however spend a happy hour or so beforehand taking out all the bits not attached to the engine or frame and giving them a clean up. Seems to be the basis of a good bike.



The engine and frame were pulled out and plonked in a wheelbarrow to save our backs. We then lifted it all onto a hydraulic bench where I’ll spend the week ahead cleaning it and putting it back together. The rear wheel bearings need replacing and now I have it on the bench I will add head bearings to that list. The chain guard also needs repair but in all a short list of things to do and no doubt a few more issues will emerge as I clean up the engine and frame. Looking good however to have another Atlas and therefore a transport contingency.

Finally the regs’ arrived for the National Rally in two weeks time – had a quick look but can’t decide the route. I was going to go East to West but I’m not sure I don’t prefer maybe to head north again and try and get into the Peak district.

Nick 🙂

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