W/E 28th June 2015

Not much to report which is a bit of worry with the National Rally next weekend. Still deciding on my route but pretty sure it will start in Preston.

The Atlas seemed to have settled down but had to have the tank off on Wednesday because it ended up on one cylinder. Checked out the usual cause which is a wire adrift to the ignition box but that checked out okay and I had a healthy spark – indeed the plug was a beautiful milk chocolate brown. Hmmmm? Put it back together and it was fine the next day so the only thing I can think is that it didn’t like the mild thrashing I handed out to overcome a BMW ‘Euan McGregor’ clone thingy. Got a bit fed up following this chap through bends so had to squeeze by on a roundabout and punch my way down a straight. Shortly after and thankfully after he’d turned off we had this one cylinder but onto two when the revs rose problem. I do wonder if these alloy inlets mean I need to spend a bit of time on the carb? Once again the temperature in London commuting went very high and once again fluffy running…

Another little roadside tale was rescuing a stranded 883 Harley owner with a litre of fuel. Haven’t done a roadside stop for a while and this guy was lucky in that I saw him a way off on the M4 so had time to get to hard shoulder. The guy was double lucky that a Laverda with access to the fuel pipe stopped and I was lucky to have a 40 mile reserve as after I’d handed over the fuel and was off I went onto reserve! I’d have a looked a right chump if he’d ridden past me stranded…

Some progress on Atlas #3 as I managed to get its NOVA registration sorted. I had the VIN # (which ain’t the frame #) on a piece of documentation and the on-line process worked a treat.

Right back to sorting out the rally route for next weekend…

Nick 🙂

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