W/E 9th August 2015

Big disc

Big disc

So back from holiday and back down the garage. Ended up fiddling with the front brake replacement idea that I’ve been threatening for a few months. The disc off the FZR 1000 went on fine. I hadn’t realised that the mounting plate had been shaped to fit the calipher so neatly. It does though need some fine tuning to work. The problem is that the calipher hits the spokes so the disc needs spacing out.

3 washers

3 washers

This shot shows the spacing required to prevent the calipher hitting the spokes – works out at 3 washers. I’m going to pack out all six bolts with washers and then arrange to get a spacing plate made up.

The disc that came off Atlas #2 is worn by quite a bit. I think these discs are cheap and probably have a service life of around 30,000 miles – maybe that’s good?

Staying with the Atlas I have now finalised the design of the replacement final drive sprocket. I am having the sprocket made with the spacing ‘boss’ as an integral component. The engineering firm suggested this because as the sprocket is bespoke having a separate carrier wasn’t going to get round the requirement of having a new sprocket made every time and the additional cost is negligible. I hope to have this in time for the Scottish Rally in September.

Linked to the bespoke sprocket is another idea which is to see how using a non o ring chain goes – especially for solo riding which makes up the bulk of my mileage. I’ve compared the weight of a non o ring to an o ring chain and it is noticeably lighter – that’s got to make a difference to the stress on the gearbox and those splines? The only downside is that the chain will wear quicker – but non o ring chains are about 60% of the o ring equivalent so if it gives the engine an easier time it’ll be the way to go.

All this thought is directed at trying to ensure the Atlas completes the final leg of the Three Nations Challenge in Scotland. Last year the demise of Atlas #1 resulted in a DNS when we came to a halt in Glasgow. A quick look over the bike suggests chain/sprockets. front disc and pads, front tyre and possibly wheels bearings fore and aft. I also have to fit a metal rack and get the pannier frames in place – oh and see if I can get a tankbag and the seat recovered…so not much.

Finally a small amount of progress on the triples. I’ve been procrastinating over some new engine nuts – or rather getting the older dome nuts replated. Just got a good set of second hand items so I’m fast running out of excuses.

Good to be back

Nick 🙂

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