W/E 23th August 2015

Wolfman Blackhawk

Wolfman Blackhawk

Here’s Atlas #3 modelling the Wolfman Blackhawk tankbag I’ve got for Scotland. I wanted a small bag to carry my wallet, camera and other odds and sods rather than the humungus jobbies that I normally put on the RGS. Seems small but apparently has 8 litre capacity. Does fit the tank well though and seems well made.

299mm with it's bigger 320mm brother

299mm with it’s bigger 320mm brother

For those of you paying attention you’ll have noticed that I fitted the 299mm disc from a FZR and not the required 320mm disc. Jeez they must’ve only fitted the smaller disc to a year or so. Back onto ebay and got a set of 320mm units from an XJR1200 and went on a treat.

320mm installed

320mm installed

The smaller disc worked but of course the pads weren’t engaging with the full width by…oh about 10mm. Funny enough I was reading an article on a Yamaha XT600 project and the owner had ‘upgraded the brake to 320mm, so it’s a common mod’. Test ride tomorrow when I head back into work so fingers crossed that’s the front sorted out.

Looking at the standard disc that came off Atlas #2 there is wear in the bobbins meaning the disc is starting to rattle – probably got under 40,000 miles so a solution had to be found.

At the same time as the front disc was changed I put on a fresh Pirelli Scorpion Tail – the old thing that came off was pretty hard and now I have a matching set which always makes me feel reassured.

Shifted attention onto the chain and sprockets. The engine sprocket rattles and the lock washer was well beaten about. The damage to the splines is quite light so hopefully I’ve caught it in time.

Lock tangs almost beaten away!

Lock tangs almost beaten away!

Out of the gearbox consultation Frank Baur advised me he’s had some success putting Loctite 660 on the splines. This is claimed to take up .25mm gaps – I didn’t have Loctite but I do have the Truloc 264 which was recommended many years ago to me by Steve Winterton. I glooped up the shaft before securing the lock washer so we will see.

Tru Lock 264

Tru Lock 264

The other thing I did on the chain/sprocket front was to put on a non o ring 530 chain. I’ve run these before on triples and they do okay – they wear out before an o ring chain but they are significantly lighter. It was really noticeable how easier it is to handle the lighter chain, almost jewel like the way it ticks round on the new sprockets.

Jewel like, lightweight IWIS non o ring

Jewel like, lightweight IWIS non o ring

Nick 🙂

One thought on “W/E 23th August 2015

  1. Hi, I’ve been looking at atlas’for years now and have only seen maybe two for sale in that time. I just missed one! Do you know where the best place to look for them is? I’ve tried Italian, French, Belgian etc. EBay but none. Any info on how to track them down would be great thanks.
    Where about in Scotland are you off to?

    ps love your bikes.

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