W/E 20th September 2015

Customer Atlas sprocket

Customer Atlas sprocket

Took delivery of the replacement sprocket for the Atlas. As you can see this has a boss on the back which will hold the sprocket in the right position by butting up to the end of the gearbox bearing. The wider load surface and tighter fit will also prevent the sprocket chattering and therefore wearing the gearbox splines.

The downside is that once the sprocket wears out that’s a lot of work in the scrap bin and the engineer who made it up is retiring. What I plan to do is run this and when the teeth go get a new set of teeth welding in. After this I will then use the boss (which is where the work is) to produce a spacer that can be over again. So that problem is almost solved…

Have had a lot of chatter over the weekend from the front brake so had a look on Sunday. The pads have worn unevenly with the outer more worn than the inner. Is one of set of pistons not working? Anyways with Mrs A on the brake side she managed to pull the lever back to the bars without the pads moving! Bled through fresh fluid and it seems like it is working but can’t tell until I do some roadwork on Tuesday.



Did a quick 24 trip to the Laverda Belgi rally near Hoogstraten. Family birthday meant we had to be back for Sunday so we left Friday evening and caught the Saturday 21:40 train home – all tucked up for 23:15 local time. The Atlas performed well except for a minor breakdown at the Hotel in Gent. 0.7 kilometres out from the Hotel it cut out and then cut back in. Next morning went to fire it up and ‘click’ then nothing. No lights, no ignition meant no power at all which is the easiest thing to deal with. Sidepanel off and a dirty and loose contact to the positive side of the battery was the cause.

We met the rally goers at a bike museum at Kalmthout   en route to Hoogstraten. What a place rammed full of Belgian Sarolea motorcycles from the turn of the 20th century – some interesting stuff like shaft drive and front suspension struts on bikes from 1910! Always amazed that we think modern bikes are full of innovation whereas they’re just updates from the past.

Shaft drive from 1907

Shaft drive from 1907

The rally at Hoogstraten is hosted by Ad and Wilma. Ad sold me Atlas #2 so it was nice for the bike to go home. Will it ever be my bike or forever below to Ad? He seemed pleased to see it up and running albeit a bit grubby…

Lots of nice Laverda’s to be seen – some very nice SF’s which seems to have been a feature of 2015 – but the star of the show goes to a very nice 3C which just stole my heart!

What a bike!

What a bike!

The Atlas responded well to the 750 mile round trip which was mainly motorway cruising (I expected it to need oil) and as ever the impressive tank range made touring a joy.

Next weekend is the Atlas rally in Vielsalm so for the week ahead it’s a case of keeping the bike and leave any repairs ’til we get back.

Nick 🙂


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