W/E 11th October 2015

What colour red?

What colour red?

A good week in terms of the general running of the Atlas but a disappointment with a new seat. I won’t name the firm that did the job because in fairness as soon as I questioned the work they organised a full refund with no questions. Anyways the seat came back a lighter shade of red. I checked that it wasn’t that the seat was filthy and although it is that wasn’t the main reason for the colour problem…it is just the wrong colour!

Flatter and fatter

Flatter and fatter

So of course once you aren’t happy you look a little closer. As you can see the cut is wrong with the centre panel being too wide. This means that the seams don’t follow the ridge of the foam and effectively make the seat look flatter and wider. The seat is such an essential element of how any bike looks so I knew it would annoy me everytime I looked at it so thumbs down on that one. The search for a good seat job continues…

Aside from the seat the new disc has done its job and doesn’t appear to judder. I’ve only put 400 miles on it so want to do a bit more before declaring it a success but the signs are good. The other modification was the tight sprocket and this too seems to be working. I may be imagining it but the tight sprocket and non O ring chain seem to have made things smoother. Again though with only 400 miles up I want to do a bit more before it gets the thumbs up.

Nick 🙂

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