W/E 25th October 2015

Even more bent...

Even more bent…

Couldn’t believe it – while I was looking at the rear suspension on Monday the Atlas rolled off the sidestand and went down again! Mrs A helped right the bike which didn’t get off so lightly this time round – broken indicators, pillion footpeg mount and grazed sidepanel, tank and front mudguard…

Busted peg

Busted peg

Spent a bit of time on ebay and came up with a rear indicator – had a spare front – and also noticed a rear light for the RGS (got a Mk 1 Triumph Tiger unit which is the same) that provided a bulb for the Atlas so something good came out of it.

Rok straps for the mudguard

Rok straps for the mudguard

During the week I also saw the numberplate and rear mudguard section seemed to have sagged. Investigation showed the bracket supporting this and attaching it to the rear subframe had broken. Probably a result of me only securing the seat by one side of the bracket and overloading the rack. I put a new bolt in to hold it and augmented this with a couple of Rok straps. Will have to see if I can get it welded or maybe buy one – can’t be a big demand for them.

Stay positive

Stay positive

The final piece of maintenance was the positive terminal on the battery. The bolt securing the wiring had stripped so I had to tap a new hole directly into the terminal – my tap wasn’t so good but it seems to be holding.

So the week has been one of just working to stand still on the Atlas. The Atlas front brake still needs investigating as does the swinging arm bearings (which I keep squirting with releasing fluid). No progress on other fronts but I have set a date of the 14th November to get my two 120, triple motors built…so things will get a bit more interesting soon!

Nick 🙂

PS Delayed report on June’s LCF rally now in the ‘Trips’ section

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