W/E 1st November 2015

Triple clean up

Triple clean up

Well for the first time in ages the blog starts with some commentary on the triples! The big triple engine build off is due to happen in a couple of weeks so I have spent the weekend looking over the RGS and RGA engines to make sure everything is ready.

The RGS engine needs a couple of engine studs but more immediately it needed a damn good clean. It’s been sat covered in the same oil and road salt mix that it carried when it was lifted out of the frame over a year ago. The head and barrels have been cleaned up so now it was time to get cracking on the crankcases. I’m quite pleased with the results of a few hours with old toothbrushes and a can of paraffin. You can still see road salt damage on the front of the motor so I will have another go next weekend but it’s looking okay.

Sprag plunger and ?

Sprag plunger and ?

I found two objects in the bottom of the gearbox – the smaller item is a plunger out of the starter sprag but I’m not sure where the other ‘pin’ has come from. It looks like a needle roller but I can’t think where that would come from so I’m thinking it’s a pin. Anyway if you know what it is drop me a line.

Broken crankcase

Broken crankcase

The RGA motor is already clean but I took it off to a welder to get the top case fixed – it had a lump knocked out of it 20 years ago so now is the time to get it put right.

Broken pillion mount

Broken pillion mount

At the same time as putting the RGA case in I also put in the Atlas pillion peg mount. And aside from oiling the chain that is all I have to report on the Atlas which is running well…

Nick 🙂


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