W/E 22nd November 2015


RGA cases + scissors…

Work continued on rebuilding triple engines with attention turning to the RGA motor. These cases are in better condition than the RGS, which I suspect had been opened up before. Any how I took lessons from last week’s master class from Tony Winterton so removed the tin oil baffle plates in the bottom of the cases to ensure the sump was clean. Just as well I did because I found a pair of scissors in there (wondered where they’d gone) along with a broken piston ring! The cases are now clean and ready for assembly during the week. I plan to use the kitchen again and get Mrs A to ride shotgun.


Missing lens…

The Atlas got an oil change on Monday and has been running well. On Friday I decided to press on and when I got in the bloody rear lens was missing – only one of the screws was holding it in place as the other thread has stripped but I think the real problems are: 1. The broken bracket holding the back mudguard is tied in place but even so the mudguard can swing about. 2. The light is cheap shite!

I’ve had the same happen on Atlas #1 and a couple of times with RGS back lights. Similarly with both pieces of cheap 1980’s CEV tat the bulbs move in the holder meaning you’re never quite sure if you have a rear light.

I hate losing bits – but a hazard of using the bikes I guess. It put me in a bad mood for most of Saturday until an internet search gave me a part # 8112414 and a lead to Aprilia who fitted it to a ‘Red Rose’ moped and the 350 Tuareg and soon enough I found a new lens at £15 including post of ebay…I have screws somewhere.



So to put a stop (sic) to all this lens and bulb spinning nonsense I found a similarly cheap LED unit I’d previously hidden within the lens on the RGS and presto a rear light. Like the original it is cheap shite but this shite won’t shake the bulbs around and in my experience with both Atlas #1 and the RGS give good service. I will keep an eye open for a more substantial square item fit it and forget (but of course all the standard bits will be kept in a box in the loft)…

Nick 🙂

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