W/E 29th November 2015


Midnight and it’s done!

So pushed on with the RGA engine and as you can see got the cases together at midnight on Saturday.

I thought the engine was clean but I took  a good ninety minutes going through all the nuts and washers to clean them and select the ones with the best finish. The RGA engine appeared to only have one copper washer on the bottom of the engine (the RGS had three) but otherwise identical.

The RGA cases are in better condition than the RGS, albeit the top case having been welded following a broken chain way back. The RGA had never been apart in over 130,000 miles but I’d been quite particular in making sure I changed the oil every 1,500 miles. The result was clear in the gearbox which showed very little sign of wear.

Anyways it took two attempts to close the cases as first time round the crank tightened up so it was taken apart – the problem was slight mis-alignment of the primary side outer main. I made sure it was located up against the half ring and it went smoothly after that.

The jumble of RGS and RGA parts is beginning to reduce down as I have two large lumps of engine. There’s still some way to go but the last couple of weeks feels like real progress and a weekend cleaning and organising the next steps should see that momentum keep going.

Next up is to sort out the pistons and head but this can wait for a while as next weekend I hope to replace the broken rear subframe on the Atlas and re-fit the pillion peg now parts have arrived from OCT.

Nick 🙂

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