W/E 10th January 2016

So Happy New Year πŸ™‚

First weekend of 2016 I visited the ILOC local meet up near Banbury. It lashed it down with rain, as it had the previous day when I rode into London to pick up my daughter. The ILOC meet was a good fun – good company and despite the rain a nice way to spend the year’s first Sunday. The Atlas then has been in continuous use over Christmas and was in need of some fettlin’.

On Monday the choke stopped working on the handlebar control meaning I had to firk around under the tank and manually operate the choke. No big deal but it needed sorting. In addition the rear sprocket, chain and rear tyre needed changing. So a load of work to just keep my commute going and no time to work on the triples 😦


Choke fully off

The choke situation was yet another legacy of when the bike fell over. The clutch lever had been pushed down the bar meaning that the choke lever was now not butted up against the control cluster. This allowed the cable to just slip out. I reassembled it all but made the mistake of pulling the choke cable through too far. I realised there was a problem when the mechanism seemed to have lost a position and the bike settled too readily into tickover from cold. Tank back off and I restored the ‘choke home’ setting to as shown in the picture.

Starting the bike also showed me that maybe the battery is getting tired – it only charged up to 12.2 volts – I’m sure it was 13 volts when new. The sprag is also sounding like it isn’t quite as strong as before so I must be careful not to ignore this as a slow engine puts more torque through the sprag and will lead to failure.


Hmm that gap shouldn’t be there

Taking out the back wheel showed some ‘clearance’ in the cush drive bearing – hmmm spins okay but then I spotted that the outer was spinning too. Damn!

That’s what is going on!

Getting the bearing out pushed out the centre and it looked like some of the rollers had already escaped the track and ended up inside the cush. The following picture showing damage on the bearing spacer confirms this.


Spacer damage – lucky not a problem

Lucky I have a stock of 6204 bearings (same size as for a triple) so a new bearing went in with some help from Loctite. I did the cheapo fix and only replaced the outer bearing – I know what you’re thinking but the inner one looked just fine so why throw a ‘good’ bearing away. We’ll see if this is a false economy.

New sprocket and chain fitted to a spare wheel where the tyre has some life left in it – I have a new tyre but the thought of getting out the irons was by now not appealing!

Looking across the bike and from riding it I see it needs new pads for the rear brake and I suspect this will also be the case up front. I also have to looking in to the front braking as it judders like a warped disc. I see that the spokes have been kissing the calipher more than when first fitted so maybe the judder is this ‘kiss’? In addition to the brakes I have to fit the tyre + take off the handlebar fairing to get to a bolt holding the headlight to the mounting braket – it’s come out and is held in by being agains the fairing.

It was a bad tempered return to the garage. Just felt like a load of work to stand still. The fact that the garage is rammed full of ‘stuff’ with things hidden in boxes and tools obscured by similar boxes means my mood didn’t improve as time just seemed to leak as I looked for this and looked for that.

All in all a shit day – but then we all have those once in a while and at least I had the sense to walk away when my mood was at it’s blackest!

Nick πŸ™‚

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