W/E 17th January 2016


Muffed up!

The cold weather is just round the corner so it’s time to prepare. Dragged the handlebar muffs out – not stylish but they make a serious difference by keeping the cold air blast off the hands. The other piece of preparation was a new battery. These Harley batteries ain’t cheap at £135 and they seem to last 9 months or 15,000 miles. Not so strong as you’d think but they now come with a 2 year warranty so I’ll get at least two batteries for my £135 + the convenience of being able to go back to the store rather than deal with some disinterested on-line vendor.

So as there was nothing too bad on the Atlas I changed the brake pads front and rear.


Down at the heel

As you can see both sets were completely worn out. I put in a used set on the rear – they doing nothing on Atlas #1 so decided to just use up what is around (and free). I noticed that the rear brake calipher is showing signs of the retaining pin wearing the body. I will have to wire this up or else run the risk of the pin shaking loose and the pads dropping in to the rear wheel. Lockwire next weekend I think.

On the front I fitted a new set of sintered pads. These replace the kevlar compound that I’ve been running. Not sure if it will do something about the brake judder but maybe I have to accept that perhaps the disc is warped. What you can see is one of the front pads is down to the metal on its top edge. I did check that all the pistons were free in the calipher but again I think to do a little more investigation.

I did make a little more headway on the triples as I cleaned the front forks for both the RGS and RGA. The oil seal surfaces are fine on both stanchions but on the RGA there are rust patches around the headlight clamps – from a functional perspective the forks are fine so it will be a case of deciding if the cosmetic considerations are strong enough to have them rechromed.

Nick 🙂

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