W/E 13th March 2016


Time to renew my bike insurance got me interested in Atlas #3 – if I don’t add it now then it’ll cost me extra during the year. This gives me 30 days from Monday to get a registration so time to get moving! Spent a happy few hours putting the exhaust, mudguards and oil cooler on. Took the handguards off and freed the choke which has become a bit seized while standing. All coming together and will work on getting all the lights working during the week with a view to firing it up next weekend. Let’s see.

Continued to investigate Atlas #2 sprag and have decided to get a 13 tooth Zane starter gear and another standard ring gear. I’ve made enquiries about getting the three worn out ring gears fixed and the engineer hasn’t said no but he’s reserved his final answer pending inspection. I figure that if I can offer up a brand new ring gear as a pattern then he knows what we’re aiming at. Getting both parts also ensures a contingency should the current one fail.

Finally it’s welcome back to Mrs A on the road. After a break of what must be 20 years she set off round the block on Catherine’s little 125 – didn’t stall and it was like she’d never been away! Guess recommissioning her D14/4 just got on the work list…

Nick 🙂



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