W/E 22nd May 2016


Back down to the garage to get the Atlas’s ready for when the cast comes off next Friday 🙂

The starter motor came back from the menders – there was a broken brush spring in there. It isn’t difficult to put a starter motor back on (even one handed)…so long as you do everything in the right order! I put the motor onto the block and then hit my first problem which was to get the idler gear on – not easy if you still have the sprag ring go in place. Had to just put the shim washer behind the gear slide the post just through and guide it in and turn the starter motor by hand ’til it went home. I then put the plastic cover over the starter motor only to find that you can only get the cam chain tensioner mechanism in with no cover on…I didn’t have to undo anything next time round but learned that the plastic cover will then only go on if you haven’t put the lower cam chain tensioner cover bolt in – tho’ I had remembered you also have to leave the tensioning bolt out too. What a chore.

While I had Atlas #3 apart I checked over the sticking choke and traced this to a kinked cable – so added that to my OCT list along with a spare clutch cable and then a clutch lever and light surround for Atlas #2.


Found a pair of bars to replace the bent items (top set in the above picture). This was in a way overdue because I remember thinking last year as I rode the bike for the first time that the bars were bent – guess I bent them some more. The bike is certainly straighter – I’m still waiting for the WD40 to allow me to undo the top two fork bolts so I can get all the wheels in line – it’s almost there.

The rear footrest is back from the welders. Put on a new rear indicator and have a front set to go. Fixed the metal rack plate to the original brackets so can tick that off the list too. The plastic bracket holding the headlight in place is cracked – tho’ it was also slightly broken before going down. I can probably glue this but will see if OCT have another. Won’t be able to glue the screen however…

I was going to put a new fairing on Atlas #2 but the item sent over from Holland is so poor it will be going back!


I couldn’t believe I got this shite through the post – thought this kind of service had gone out of the Laverda scene but apparently not! My original is easier to fix than this so that’s the route I’m going.

I did get good service from the starter folk + also Malcolm Cox who came up with a very neat set of black chrome pipes for the RGA. He also confirmed that he’s having a couple of sets of pipes made for Atlas #1 and 2 – Atlas #2 may well emerge in better shape after the crash than before!

Roll on the 27th and getting my hand back!

Nick 🙂


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