29th May 2016


Well that don’t look good but the hand is free! The bad news is that the operation hasn’t been a full success. A pin going across the hand has disappeared into the hand and wasn’t pulled out as planned. The doc suggested that maybe it’ll stay in there if I don’t get any complications from it. The thumb has also set itself out of line – I may end up with limited movement and also arthritis in later life – easy to brush off now but no fun 10 years down the road. Still nothing to do but get on with trying to get strength in it (squeezing a ball of rolled up socks at the moment) and wait ’til further investigations are complete.

I can just about pull in the Atlas clutch at the moment so the LCF gig down in Jura has not been written off yet – if I stick to highways then despite the long distance (500 miles) the amount of gear changing will be limited.


Catherine lent a hand (sic) with re-commissioning Atlas #3 and with the new starter motor fitted we soon had it running. Sounds good and putting in the missing shim on the idler gear seems to have got rid of the rumble.


I was hopeful that the smoking exhaust had also gone away but after it had ticked over the smoke returned (cough!). I’m hoping with a bit of use this will decline.


Haven’t had a reply from OCT yet with my request for a new choke and clutch cable. I copied my ‘solution’ to a bad choke cable on Atlas #1 and got out the lock wire! It works fine and well end up being a permanent solution. I hope however to have a replacement clutch cable as this should make the action lighter and at the moment anything that puts less strain on my left hand is worth doing.

Nick 🙂



Public holiday today (Monday) so maiden voyage on Atlas #3 with repair(ing) left hand…the smoke did clear………..oh and my hand aches 🙂

One thought on “29th May 2016

  1. Hi Nick !
    I am very sad no welcome you and your family on my country for the next week of the anual ” laverda club de france”rally. I think you’r ready but not your hand. It should be a great pleasure to see you again with 2 legs, 2 arms, 2 wheels !
    I sent you another mail when we spent few days in Brighton on february during the 6 nation ruggby games, and I now have a wrong mail adress.
    I hope all is alwright for you.

    Christophe Chatelain

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