W/E 26th June 2016

Posted the LCF Rally report – you will find this in the ‘Trips’ section.


Back to the daily grind and finally the gearbox return spring went. Got a really floppy feel in the gearlever so knew what had gone on. This is a real pain in the arse to fix because to fit the spring you have to remove the clutch drum. You can see the main tensioner spring looks ‘stretched’ wide but infact it is broken. I’m guessing that all those clutchless changes in France took their toll.


Suffice to say I didn’t have the tool to lock the drum so jammed an old tyre lever between the inner and outer – the picture speaks for itself. I’m sure I’ve done this before but it took a call from Andy Bartlett before I realised the centre nut has a left hand thread…Stupidly even after Any told me how to get a tool made up using a spare clutch plate I went back and had another go…


So now the chunk taken out of the drum is even bigger! The drum in question is on a spare motor not Atlas #3…+ although it looks bad it won’t affect the clutch working once the chunk has been dressed – there are lots of other teeth to take up the slack.

So time to take a couple of steps back and get a tool made and do a ‘proper job’. It has to be fixed during the week as next weekend is the National Rally…

Nick 🙂


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