W/E 11th September 2016


So the push is on to get Atlas #2 back on the road.

Put the original tank on (as opposed to the one off Atlas #1 that I’d been using) and checked over the lights. All checked out bar the front right but with a bit of fiddling all was good. Needed to replace the horn with one I had spare. The biggest headache is the headlamp mounting bracket which continues to resist all attempts to glue the retaining spigot in place. Resorted to an intermediary fibre washer…


Had to cut the back out of a fibreglass replica chainguard I have to make it fit without fouling the chain. The replica wasn’t made square and gradually got narrower so it had to be cut. You can’t see the modification and as the chainguard is just there to prevent muck flying off the chain as opposed to preventing the chain damaging the bike in the event of it snapping (as would be the case with a metal job) I’m not concerned.

Installed the battery from Atlas #3 and…it failed to start? Tank off and sure enough a wire was out on the black box so back in and…nothing. Tank off again and this time I put the wire in the correct slot on the black box and bingo! Bike started well but the revs increased when I turned the bars so tank off again. I fiddled with the cable adjusters and checked the run but the problem turned out to be that I’d zip-tied the throttle cable to the oil cooler hose. When the bars are turned (on a Mk 3 Atlas) the hose moves and so was opening the throttle. Cut the tie and we’re good to go.

The first ride was up to the MOT station – what a difference between the two Atlas’s. Atlas #2 sits a lot higher – partly because of the off-road biased tyres with the rear sporting a 90 as opposed to 80 sidewall height. In addition though the rear shock on Atlas #2 is in better condition and felt higher. The hydraulic clutch is also lighter…but the engine on Atlas #3 feels smoother and stronger. Anyhow there is a happy ending with Atlas #2 passing its MOT with no advisories :-).  I’m now in the position of having two Laverda’s at my disposal. I intend to return to running Atlas #2 for day-to-day duties and save Atlas #3 for rallies as it has the pannier frames fitted.


So with two up maybe the time is ripe to focus on one of the triples…

Nick 🙂

PS Malcolm Cox is making up exhaust systems for the Mk 3 Atlas (unobtainable). If you want a system email him at coxeng@gmx.com quickly as he is making just one batch.


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