W/E 31st October 2016


The replica exhaust system from Malcolm Cox arrived and has been loosely fitted to Atlas #1. The black chrome exhausts are outstanding – better than the originals. I didn’t fit the cylinder head clamps as these are deformed through over-tightening so will either need flattening or replacing.


The collector box also exceeds the original standard. Rather than being pressed together the replica has been made through a combination of tube and folded and welded construction. The finished item has been galvanized to ensure it won’t ever rust! I will probably end up spraying it with black VHT paint.

Fitting the system required a bit of fettling – the galv’ finish inside the collector was cleaned up and the pipes opened a bit to let the downpipes in. The rear mounting lug also had to have a couple of millimetres taken off it’s lower edge so it didn’t foul the engine. No big deal and thanks to Malcolm for going to the bother to make the system and also for putting the rest of the bike to shame!

Malcolm is now working on creating a replica silencer for the Atlas – I have an order in. Contact Malcolm for any Atlas exhaust system requests on <coxeng@gmx.com>

Atlas #3 remains my daily ride and required a new set of plugs over the weekend to restore reliable starting. The old plugs looked fine, nice colour and gap. No sure how many miles they’d done but probably 10,000 so not complaining. Pleased to get to this before I spent too long hammering on the starter leading to a failed sprag – at the moment Atlas #3 is on standard equipment.


I picked up a puncture in the front tyre of Atlas #3 courtesy of some tacks I’d left on the garage floor… It was only a slow puncture as I rode on it for a day but next morning woke to a flat front.

I’ve hauled a bicycle inner tube repair aerosol around for the season so decided this would be the ideal opportunity to see if it would work – the answer is ‘yes’ though you need a pump to improve on the 10 psi once the mousse had been pumped into the tyre (guess a motorcycle item would have more gas). I always pack a hand pump so good to know that there’s a good chance a small puncture can be fixed easily at the roadside. The front tyre is almost due for replacement so I’m going to see if the repair holds good for a few thousand more miles…

Finally turned to Atlas #2 and began to fix the handlebar fairing I damaged back in April. It’s currently naked but when it is pushed back into service in November I think it’ll be good to have the fairing (+ a pair of handlebar muffs).

To finish off the Atlas update I include a link to Frank Baur’s presentation on his Sahara expedition

The RGA project has stalled…well not entirely as over the past couple of weeks I’ve been tidying the garage. The tidy up has revealed the lost footrest hangers and discovered the shot blasted yokes and instrument brackets…I’m told I need a gantt chart…

Finally check out the misc category for a additional items.

Nick 🙂


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