W/E 20th November 2016


Ohhh shiny bits! Got the parts back from the chromer and pleased with the results. I’m always amazed at how parts can be restored. If I’m being picky then the foot-levers could do with a bit more polishing where the flat edge meets the raised centre as pitting is still visible (I will do a bit more prep’ work myself when I put the RGS levers in. The surface on the gear change spindle could also be smoother. But hey it is better than ‘good enough’ and I’m well pleased. I just have to dig out the wheel spindle, brake line guides and headlight holders to have completed all the chroming on the RGA 🙂


Work continues to clear the garage and Sunday saw the creation of a new engine stand. This behemoth will take 4 engines (RGA, RGS, spare RGS cases and Atlas) and achieve my aim to get things up off the floor. It ain’t square as you can see but it is robust!


Saturday saw a ride out to the Elan Valley, Wales. Swung by to my daughter’s and along with her Ducati completed close on 350 miles on a grey day that saw some rain, bit of snow and temperatures around 3 degrees. The roads didn’t inspire spirited riding but then with the views on offer it was good to take things easy. The Monster had problems with carb’ icing but the Laverda just powered on through – the rain coming back at night was intense but those ugly handlebar muffs kept my hands warm(ish) and most importantly dry!

Nick 🙂

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