W/E 8th January 2017

All of a sudden it’s a new year – where did last year go?

2017 kicked off with a return to the daily commute in to London. Me and the Atlas seemed to be enjoying ourselves in the lighter than normal holiday traffic until the back light failed! To add to the nuisance the rear lens also cracked off one of the retaining lugs so once the bulb was restored the lens had to make the 50 miles home with just one retaining screw…

I’ve replaced the rear unit on Atlas #1 and 2 with an LED setup because the original fitment is cheap junk!!! The housing gets slack and the bulb moves – sometimes you have a light with no brake light or maybe no light at all. This is kinda dangerous in the rush hour.

As you can see I bodged the bulb by putting strips of masking tape on one side of the bulb to push it against the earth in the holder. I had another lens in the shed but to make sure it didn’t go AWOL I put some tape over the screw holes so the screws can’t jump ship. It’s all working so far but at the weekend I’ll rig up something more robust!

Nick 🙂