W/E 17th April 2017


Note oiled butterfly on the primary side inlet

So took the bike in on Monday but it was sick…Spent the limited time I have in the evenings checking the electrical side of things hoping it wasn’t what I thought but alas we have a loose valve seat! Pulling the carb’ showed the tell-tale sign of one clean and one oily inlet. This is just the same as with my other Mk 3 Atlas and I wonder if these ‘last of the line’ models all have this fault? The two Mk 2 engines haven’t succumbed so I wonder if when manufacture went over to the Co-op whether quality took  a tumble?

The only positive to report is that the single oil cooler conversion works 🙂

So aside from the little 100 (which I’ve used for a couple of local errands) I have no working motorcycle again…This coming weekend is the Bristol Auto-Italia meet so time to get working on a solution. I have an engine on the bench that we retired before the start of the 2015 Scottish Rally. The engine was running okay but had a ‘roughness’ about it. I’m going to fit this engine and hope the roughness was in the clutch and not on the crank! If this doesn’t work out then I will swop the head over.

Time to get the spanners out (again)…

Nick 🙂


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