W/E 7th August 2017

A couple of weeks and a 1,000 miles gone by just commuting to work and not too much else to report.

The evenings are unfortunately beginning to close in but went over to the new ILOC meeting on the 26th July and met up with Alan Cudlipp, Alex, Rob and Cris. Just the two Laverda’s (Atlas and Alan’s RGS). Rob was on a tastfully restored XS1100 (and his description of the work he’s done on his Laverda racer certainly provide food for thought as to what you can do yourself) and Alex a KTM while he waits to pick up a newly acquired Jota.

Decided to tackle the Atlas slipping clutch which I thought was suffering because I’d used 20/50 oil formulated for classic cars. Putting in the Silkolene helped but didn’t cure matters so as I was changing the oil I took off the primary case. Cleaned it all up with paraffin and also took time to do a bit of measuring – despite things looking okay the plates are below the 2.5 wear limit. I also found three of the six new clutch springs were below the required 46mm unstressed length. So had a rummage in the scrap bin and assembled the ‘thickest’ clutch I had and found another set of new springs (all at 46mm+). I am yet to road test this as I have access to the daughter’s Ducati but I’m thinking a new set of plates is in order – I believe they are the same as fitted to an SF so not difficult to source here in the UK.

In the Trips section you’ll find my report on the National Rally – round 2 of the 3 round series which is completed by the annual trip to Scotland. Got my application off so now have a month to get everything up together…

Nick 🙂


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