W/E 10th June 2020


So Atlas #3 has an engine πŸ™‚

Mrs A was back in the garage helping with the engine crane – how many times have we done this and it’s still fiddly. The next week will be spent bolting all the bits and pieces on it…maybe I’ll have a runner before too long?

I ordered more suspension bearings from a UK bearing factor so I can sort out the knuckle on Atlas #1. While I was looking at the arms that link from the centre knuckle pivot I noticed another two bearing and bushes! Damn that’s a total of 8 bearings and 7 bushes in the suspension…give me a twin shock setup anyday!

Atlas #1 engine is ready to go in the frame but time has been against me but by this time next week we won’t have two running Atlas’s but we will have two frames with engines!

Nick πŸ™‚


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