W/E 23rd November 2021

Citroen Dyane oil cooler

So as well as sorting through numerous boxes for bits and bobs I’ve placed a bit of focus on solving the oil cooler problem. I’d read on the LeClair Forum that a Citroen Dyane oil cooler was the same as a Laverda item so thought I’d give it a go.

It’s the same!

I was staggered when the oil cooler arrived and it’s true, it is the same – with a minor mod’ required for the oil pipes. Now if you search Laverda specialists you’ll see this item retailing for £250+ with just the metal input/output pipes trimmed to size. If you go on-line the Citroen item will cost you around £60 delivered!

To go with the cooler you’re going to need to put flexible hose and fasteners on. Luckily I have a very helpful hydraulic unit nearby so I when and picked their brains. They’ve come up with a solution using new fasteners and olives which is going to cost a further £60. So for £120 I can get a working, close to original oil cooler or I can pay near on £400 to get something very similar from a specialist!

A thing tho’ to bear in mind is that the original fasteners are no longer made (they weren’t Laverda specific back in the day) so my solution will have similar items and the lower end of the pipe will be crimped as opposed to a screw on bezel. I also have to decide if I go for a 45 or 90 degree bend on the engine fastener – 45 is ‘Laverda spec’ but that depends on whether the contemporary fasteners are dainty like the originals.

Engine fasteners

As you can see from the above the original fasteners are quite small (dainty). Through comparison and discussion with the hydraulic guy I did identify a couple of possible reasons why the RGS oil cooler wouldn’t fit. The cooler in the foreground shows quite a bit of oil pipe beneath the olive whereas the one in the background is almost flush. It was the foreground pipe that wouldn’t quite work and in hindsight I think maybe trimming this pipe would have seen it fit (just). The other item robbing maybe a mm was the new oil union in the block. This is slightly more chunky than an original and has a dowty washer whereas standard would have been a thinner copper job. When room is tight all these little things add up.

Finally I’ve also realised that the bolt that fixes the oil cooler to the frame is M7. I noticed on the Citroen site an M7 x 100 mm being sold for the job – ironically you can get a stainless item from a Laverda specialist cheaper (well before you add post and tax). I’ve currently used M6 threaded bar and wondered why it was a bit loose.

Aprilia RSV Mille starter solenoid

Final item to drop through the post box was a pattern starter solenoid from an Aprilia. I’ve got a rather aesthetically disappointing unit off a Leyland car at the moment. I need to make a bracket to hang it from but hopefully this will tidy things up when I’m ready to get the wiring sorted.

Right back to rummaging for the bolt that holds the alternator and sprag onto the crankshaft…

Nick 🙂

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