W/E 22nd December 2021

Happy Christmas & Merry New Year

So almost another year gone and still no Jota on the road! My heart sank when I looked through some pictures the other day to see that this time last year the engine was back in the frame albeit with no wheels. Still progress has been made and I’m now almost at the finish line, assuming finishing in 2023 is considered rapid!

Citroen Dyane oil cooler

The oil cooler has finally been finished and loosely installed to check it fits. It does. The hoses were sorted by the local hydraulic firm and I think the fixtures don’t look out of place unless you’re a real purist. All done for £100.

I just have to paint it black, put in some dowty washers and tighten it all up and we’re done.

As well as the oil cooler lines I’ve also got the hydraulic clutch and brakes sorted so work can continue over the Christmas period.

Time to put down the big hammers and bent screwdrivers and go inside for some punch…

Nick 🙂

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