Atlas gearbox shaft – consultation

DSCN3952 DSCN3953 DSCN3954 DSCN3955 DSCN3956

Thanks for taking a look. I’m looking to try and fix this intrinsic problem with the Atlas gearbox and have come up with this solution. I’m now looking for feedback on this to finalise the solution. Please leave comments here or on your Laverda forum page.

Pictures show damage occurs when the sprocket rattles on the shaft. First picture shows the lock washer groove is widened as the sprocket rattles. I think the damage is to the inside of the shaft toward the engine – not to the outer edge of the sprocket retaining groove. The rattling sprocket then damages the splines.

Suggested solution:

1. Bespoke sprockets that are a tight fit on the shaft i.e will require heat and puller as with original RGS sprockets.

  • Sprocket will have the ‘Slater’ three bolt locking washer but the holes will be drilled out and the top hat will be threaded.

2. Top hat spacer between gearbox bush and back of sprocket.

  • Spacer will be tight fit on shaft
  • Spacer will have grub screw to locate into spline
  • Top hat will be wide enough to make use of lock washer retaining bolts so the sprocket will be bolted up into position.

3. Larger inner diameter gearbox oil seal to facilitate the top hat spacer

Thanks again..

Nick 🙂

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