W/E 19th February 2017


Long time since I put up a post – January and most of February seem to have turned in to lost months 😦 What can I say? I was just grinding out the miles commuting to work I’m afraid which left little time for fettling with one thing and another (fixing the Volvo alternator, sorting my daughter’s Ducati etc…).

The weather here in the UK seems to be getting warmer – It’s been a mild winter anyway down in the South with just a couple of sleet laden days which never developed into the real thing. I’ve tootled about locally on the little Turismo which is running great. I was also contemplating taking off the Atlas’s handlebar muffs but there’s a warning that the cold mornings will be back with us by the end of the week so let’s hang fire.

The Mk 2 Atlas continues to give great service except for the back light. This weekend I decided to have a go at rigging up an LED back light solution courtesy of a Youtube video I’d caught https://youtu.be/7yrvmEUMFGo .

All the parts cost like £5 and the beauty of the solution is that I can retain all the original wiring such that if the LED fails it can be returned to standard at the side of the road 🙂


All was looking good (well my wiring wasn’t that tidy but it worked) until I tested the unit on the bike with the original lens in place – too dim. My thinking at the moment is that the resistor and diodes are okay but perhaps the LED strip isn’t the right power? Put out a few emails to check LED specs – if you know what power I should use then drop me a line.

The final kicker was that for some reason my lens screws wouldn’t key into the new backplate – it all seemed okay but maybe some units had longer screws? Just another irritating detail I guess.

Nick 🙂