W/E 10th September


Quite a bit of riding since I last posted – trip to Wales to visit the ILOC rally for the day and then the Scottish Rally.

The Atlas has been holding up well but is showing signs of getting tired. The starting has become a bit erratic, the chain and sprockets baggy and the tyres worn flat. 20,000 miles a year take their toll. I ordered up a set of clutch plates (same as the SF750) but will have to send them back as I got sent a set of steels and not corks…

The battery saga drags on with Harley now agreeing it’s covered by warranty (I think) but they want to re-examine the damn thing to check is it really knackered because their test equipment has been re-calibrated. Whatever the outcome I have to say I’d think twice about buying a bike from them…

Finally the road salt has yet again got in to the rear brake anchor and reduced it to powder. I have a spare but from now on will be painting them for the winter.


Old knacker next to Malcolm Cox replica – nice

Malcolm sent me down a replica silencer for the Atlas to test out for him. As the picture shows it looks pretty damn good. It fits a treat and sounds really quiet compared to the ‘box’ I currently run! I’m going to put a few miles on it to test the finish and fit and then they will start to roll off the production line. Nice one Malcolm!

So I have a couple of ride reports to post so will start with the trip to the ILOC rally which you can find in the Trips Section.

Nick 🙂