W/E 13th October


Well took a deep breathe and decided to get to work and start to dismantle the RGA. Decided to go for the RGA over the RGS because the engine damage ought to be less in the RGA – well I didn’t run it for 80 miles with next to no oil…

This is the first time I’ve laid a spanner on this bike since June 2010 when the crank went on the eve of the LCF Rally. I did consider just looking into the engine to be sure but the overall condition of the bike is so bad it’s going to need the engine out to refurb’ the frame and other cycle parts.


Along the way I clocked the red ‘Classic’ sticker on the headlamp – got that when it rode in the Massimo tribute laps at Spa and also dropping the trigger cover showed the IIS ignition I got off John Wilson all those years ago – transformed the bike both in terms of smoothing out the 120 judders and also giving me an extra 10% fuel economy. Damned IIS outlasted the crank!


It’s coming apart quite well. Not too much resistance and by close of play on Saturday I’d broken the back of the job. The big deal is going to be pulling the engine out – that’s going to have to wait until next weekend.


Charged up the Atlas battery and tried to get it to start but no joy. Where the bike has been left idle since the Scottish Rally the sprag clutch has started to slip and so it wouldn’t catch even when the sprag kicked in. Next weekend I will get it bump started just to get it running again and also to check if the oil union has stopped leaking – got a bit more tightness in it since I last did it up.


A surprise was the gearbox spacer arrived from Nametab engineering. This 4 thou’ spacer should take up the slack on the mainshaft which is currently dealt with by using two lock washers. A very nice job, making good use of the old gearbox sprocket.

However I think it may be a case of too little too late for the Atlas and if work progresses well on the RGA it may well get thrown to the back of the garage so I can rebuild my motivation to fix it properly. It’s a real shame because if it I could make it reliable I suspect it would become my favourite Laverda…

Nick 🙂

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