W/E 17th August

Funny kind of week which started off with a charging problem. Coming home I noticed the Atlas headlight dimmed on and off with the rhythm of the indicators. Anyway I filled up with petrol and went to ride home – click went the starter but it wouldn’t start. Lucky I was only a short distance from home and managed to bump start the bike on the final leg. Checked the charging with it running and just 10.75 volts.

Over the next couple of days I picked the brains of folk across the globe via the internet – ignored the advice and just got on and replaced the alternator and regulator (I have spares…) but still no charge? Walk round the bike and find a blown fuse and there we are charging again! Damn never came across that before – a fuse stops the bike charging, not running but charging. Anyway fixed and on my way only to now have a leaking alternator cover because I’ve disturbed the rubber cable bung…There’s some learning in here about not prejudging which I will write up soon.

Found that the Atlas is now overdue its road worthiness test so set to the lights and speedo. Well for no reason I know the front brake light is now working? Ticked off the list I move onto the indicator or the rear nearside that won’t flash.

Using the multimeter I find the live feed is only giving 4.5 volts so a liberal dosing of switch cleaner and we have four indicators. The flasher unit is faulty so I have to order one from the car parts shop – it needs an old 42w unit as you get off old Lucas equipped cars. The modern motorcycle runs 23w…and costs over £15 a pop. I can wait for the £3.50 unit to arrive by mail but order two fresh Pirelli Scorpion Trails while I’m at the bike shop.

Koso digital speedo - with hi beam idiot light showing

Koso digital speedo – with hi beam idiot light showing

On to the speedo. First go I get it to light up plumbing in to the coil for a live feed but when I put it into gear everything stops – must’ve plumbed in to the neutral light. Change the wiring and it all stays on…’cept the neutral light now stays on all the time…I tape over the neutral light and move on to the speedo.

Well the speedo works but seems to be running slow. Hmmmm. Decide to ‘tell’ the unit that it is running one pick up magnet (not the two that are fitted) and bingo it works (as checked with the satnav). Get high beam idiot light working and that’ll be good enough for the test…

Nick 🙂

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