W/E 31st January 2016


That don’t look good

Investigated why the Atlas was misfiring on occasion. Thought it was going to be the damned wires into the ECU or maybe a coil going down as the misfire only happened when the bike was well warm. Turned out to be a lot simpler – knackered plugs or at least this plug.

Can’t remember replacing the plugs so they have probably got +10,000 miles on them so can’t complain. The gap on this one is so wide it says volumes about the Sachse Ignitions ability to create a good spark!

Spent time tidying up the Atlas, oiled the chain and checked the gearbox sprocket (still good) and then got down to a bit of RGA parts cleaning. On the RGA side of things what struck me is how few parts these bikes have…maybe I’ve mislaid some?

Nick 🙂

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