Week 23: 28th May

Well moved into June this week – eeek half the year gone and little progress made!

Took the VFR to work 4 days out of 5 on account of preparing it for its MOT and also because I had a couple of meetings early in the week that meant I had to be sure the bike would start at the end of the day – jeez what an admission of failure. It turned out to have some truth however in that after the MOT on Thursday I intended to take the Atlas on to work only for it to go onto one cylinder. I think this was caused by the connection terminal coming adrift but I waited until the weekend to lockwire it in place!

So the good news was that the Atlas passed its MOT. Had to fiddle with the indicators when I got there – they lasted less than the 5 miles to the MOT station and were on the blink (sic) by the time I got home. The bulbs move about in the holders – dangerous if you stupidly rely on indicators but for me they have to work just once a year. The other near miss was the back brake pads which the tester swore were down to the metal but couldn’t see with his torch – they came through the brake test so we moved on.

The head bearings are good now but I will leave it until later next week before I put the handlebar fairing back on just in case they move about.

In addition to the Atlas I also got down to the RGS a bit and also the 100. I put the front wheel back in the RGS and also put the brake caliphers back on. I spent some time trying to get these to bleed up with little success so cable tied the brake lever open and have just left it to push out some air on its own. Not sure how far this will go but I am in no immediate hurry and if nature can do the job for me so be it!

The 100 needed its head bearings tightened as this needs an MOT soonish. This was relatively straightforward although getting one of the fork nuts to catch took a stupid amount of time. While I was about it I adjusted the front brake back into tolerance after the cable had slipped through the screw fit nipple. I also repaired the light switch with araldite so that now all I have to do is work out which wire goes where…Finally as a treat I went to see if it would start and hurrah!

Nick 🙂

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