Week 44: 22nd October

Got the new starter solenoid fitted to the Atlas. I was pleased with myself for fashioning a mounting out of the old original solenoid casing. Went to start the bike and nothing initially then it started to turn, then it jammed again. Pressed the starter a few more times and then heard a kind of fizz. Looked down and the negative lead from the battery is smoking!!! Turned off the ignition but nothing it still smoked. Lucky I had a 10mm spanner in my hand and all the panels were off so I managed to disconnect the battery.

Phew that was close. Really spooked me and I left the garage to get a drink. Before I went to bed I went back down to garage and disconnected the positive lead too – just to make sure.

I was so lucky to have everything apart at the time – doesn’t bear thinking about to imagine this happening with the sidepanels on and loaded up with camping gear. Need to find out what caused this as I have lost a lot of confidence in the Atlas.

Nick 😦

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