W/E 5th May

Well nothing particularly Laverda to relate this week – although the Atlas has now taken over as the exclusive provider of motorcycle transport following the breakdown on the ‘ultra-reliable’ VFR. The Honda returned to service on Monday after being laid low by the broken rear shock. Trouble was that while it had sat idle it developed an electrical fault that drained the battery dead flat rendering the LED information dash in the fairing redundant. Still the bike ran so it was off into London on the daily commute only for it to split an oil pipe to bring things to a halt. At least the Honda came home in the back of a van rather than on a flatbed for all to see!

Of course the demise of the Honda meant those damned wheel bearings needed fixing so the simplest thing to do was to take out the wheel from #425 and away we go…

I must admit to feeling a bit exposed now I have no back up motorcycle and the prospect of the Welsh National Rally and LCF Rally in the south of France coming along in the next few weeks. This will then be followed up by the National Rally and then the ride down to Breganze…all in all the little Atlas will see maybe 10,000 miles service between now and the end of July. It seems to be running well but for how long I wonder!

Nick 🙂

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