W/E 12th May

Well no time for spannering as this weekend was the Welsh National Rally – full account to be found in the trips section.

Leading on from previous weeks I can report that the 38 tooth rear sprocket works well. It deadens the edge of the engine which is a shame because with the 41 tooth unit the acceleration was sharper but then on the other hand being able to cruise at 65 mph with less revs seems more relaxed. I took advice that a 36 tooth sprocket is too tall for the engine so 38 it will be hereon in. The other sprocket related news is that the trip to Slater Laverda revealed the rear sprocket is a ‘1022’. Knowing this information means that it is straightforward to order directly from a sprocket supplier (B&C Sprockets) – just quote 38-1022. You’ll find it is fitted as standard to a Ducati (which presumably uses Grimeca hubs like the Atlas). I am still to get the number for the front sprocket but seem to remember it is from a Kawasaki of some sort – more to follow on this.

The gearbox return spring has now all but given up (see trip report). I had the occasional problem getting the bike into 4th and had been ignoring it but on the eve of the Welsh Rally the bike decided to press the issue and left me having to dab the top of the gear lever after every change to get it to go up through the box. I even had to ride slowly and roll the throttle off between 3rd and 4th to get it to change. Not a big deal but something that’ll need changing before the trip to France in three weeks. The return spring is the same as fitted to the RGS.

Nick 🙂




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