W/E 4th January 2015

ILOC Banbury meet

ILOC Banbury meet

First weekend of the new year so decided to go for a wobble rather than fiddle in the garage – it is after all about riding motorcycles isn’t it?

Fingers crossed the Atlas seemed to have come through the road hardening process and has settled into a good rhythm. It needs the oil checking across the 1500 service intervals but there isn’t smoke coming out the back so nothing I’m going to worry about. What really is starting to need attention however is the front brake which I’m sure now is warped. I am going to see if I can fit up a disc off a Yamaha FZR 1000.

The ride over to Tadmarton started off okay but got progressively worse as I headed both north and onto minor roads. First off it got colder and this was accompanied by fog. The combination of these two resulted in icy roads – one village in particular (Wigginton) had a patch of sheet ice. I really dislike ice because whether you stay on is often just luck so I kept the bike plodding along in the most upright position and held my breathe.

The ILOC meet happens on the first Sunday of each month – been going to these on and off for many years and it was good to spend a happy couple of hours talking nonsense with fellow Laverdisti.

Next week it’s back to the garage…

Nick 🙂


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