W/E 1st March 2015

Blimey it’s March!

Well progress continues but nowt worth a photo unless you’re interested in seeing me in the dirt fitting a fresh chain and sprockets to the Atlas, It had all got real bad and I can see the beginnings of a wearing mainshaft as the sprocket lock washer begins to wear its groove. Hopefully I won’t be relying solely on the Atlas for too much longer.

As well as chains and sprockets I had hoped that the new speedo sensor would give me back my speedometer but no, nothing! The main lights decided to play up on Friday – yep they’re on, nope they’re off kind of thing but had settled down by the time I got home. I’m hoping a squirt of WD40 in the switch will effect a cure.

Sachse ignitions returned the box that checked out fine along with a replacement pickup which seems to have been the cause of the breakdown a while back. The service from Sachse was excellent so the whole gig comes highly recommended. At the moment the Atlas jerks along on the bosch Mk 1 arrangement I found in a pile of bits.

Atlas progress also came in the form of a letter from HMRC to say that I have no taxes to pay on the bike bought in from Belgium. Now that is out of the way and I have located the registration papers I can get on with getting Atlas #2 ready for the road.

Still waiting for the head to be ready for the RGA but once it’s done we can build us a triple motor…of course there’s still a lot to do on the cycle parts and wiring but that won’t take long will it…

Nick 🙂

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