W/E 19th July 2015

First and the last (almost)

First and the last (almost)

Spent a happy Sunday afternoon getting the Turismo back to running order.

Last time I ran the Turismo was on the National Rally and the 540 mile Special Gold. Last time out the bike was jumping out of second gear because I’d not set the change mechanism properly. The other legacy was a blowing exhaust and I had a new gasket already lined up. Fancied something different from the Atlas so got the spanners out.

Didn’t take much to put the exhaust system back on and fiddled with the gearbox to try and get it to engage all three gears. I think I got it fixed but didn’t have time to give it a road test.

Turismo gearbox selector 'box'

Turismo gearbox selector ‘box’

The bike started easily with no choke and a wide open throttle then settled into an even tickover. It was nice to reacquaint myself with the little jewel and all the touches I’d added like auxillary wiring for the back brake light and the Velcro on the front forks to mount the ‘Laverda for Health’ rally plate. Great memories…

Not much to report on the Atlas. Gave it a clean and lubed up the chain. I’ve ordered up a couple of new chains in preparation for the Scottish. I plan to ride around in the interim with a non – o ring chain just to give the gearbox shaft a bit of an easier life.

Carried out consultation on the gearbox problem – didn’t hear much back so will push on assuming my idea to save the shaft will work. Just waiting for the engineer to come back with final plans before putting it into action.

All winding down for the family hols…

Nick 🙂

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