Week 30: 16th July

A bad week Laverda wise as the Atlas failed to start Monday evening when I went to leave work for home. Not only would the bike not start due to an apparent flat battery but when I went to bump start it there seemed to be no gears! A trip on the back of a recovery lorry from London…

My focus was on the lack of gears as the battery charged up and my initial thoughts were that the clutch had finally given up – I didn’t feel this was quite right in that although the clutch had a tendancy to slip it wasn’t ‘so bad’.

Simple to get the clutch off and measuring the plates and springs showed both had wear. The plates were down on standard but no unexpectedly – it was probably moe surprising that the cork insert patterns were not flat but still had some meat. The springs were noticebly longer and I think these rather than the plates were causing slack. I reassembled but still no gears so I turned my attention to the drive side.

When I first got the bike it had a non-standard 420 chain/sprocket setup which I replaced with 530. However before doing this there was an occasion when the drive sprocket slipped into the mainshaft well that retains the lock washer giving the appearance of no gears. I’d hoped the mainshaft wasn’t damaged but afraid not because the ‘well’ was now wide enough to take a 530 sprocket! A rummage in the cupboard came up with a new drive sprocket and two lock washers and all should be fixed.

As an aside the new sprocket has three locking bolts – supplied by Slater’s I picked up from somewhere that it is infact a standard part for a Kawasaki. Must do some research to see if a cheap source can be found.

Final nail in the coffin however was that it still wouldn’t start – no enough umph in the battery and when it did fire only on one. I gave up and resigned myself to another week on the VFR…

Nick 😦

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